Bringing the Power Back to You...

The fastest way to create a war within yourself is to attempt to control things that are completely out of your hands.  The idea that we would even attempt this seems futile yet how much of your day is invested into worrying over things that are not within your control and trying to finding solutions to things that there is no immediate resolution to?

So much stress can arise from trying to control the world around us or attempting to conform to a way of being in an attempt to be more likable, more accepted, more needed by the external world. 

In my most challenging times the following process has allowed me to keep moving and bring the power back to the here and now.  When everything feels like it is out of my control, I can return to this practice and be reminded where true power lives.

There is a quick way to alleviate yourself from this stress and shift the focus to bring the power back to you.  This can empower you to make decisions that create more momentum and confidence in your day.


This is the fastest way to return to your center and remember where power really exists.  It doesn't have to be for long but a return to your breath and tuning inwards can have a bigger impact on your focus than you may think.

Get it out of your head.

Take some time to write it all down, everything that is taking space in your head and keeping you at war.  Once it is down on paper, break it up into three sections.

Outside my control, Requires Support, Within My Control.

Section 1. - Outside My Control 

Actively let this go, recognise how powerless this is making you feel and decide whether you want to remain powerless or powerful?  This is not an area to focus on if you are wanting to bring the power back to you today.  Acceptance and Surrender will be the most powerful steps that you can take here. 

Section 2. Requires Support

Not asking for support and having the attitude of "I've got this" and carrying it alone not only adds stress and load to your shoulders, it reduces your capacity to move through things with grace and ease.

Create a plan, who can you to reach out to, get specific about what you can ask them and what the ideal solution looks like.  State your challenge clearly so that you can enroll others to support you more effectively.  The hardest part about this section is asking for support without clarity and ending up even more frustrated than you began, get clear on why, what and how and you may be surprised by just how people respond. 


Section 3. Within Your Control

If there are things that you could be doing that are within your control and you are not choosing to do them as you are spending so much time worrying about the things that are outside of your control, it's time to focus here. 


By getting into action and moving ahead on things that you are capable to do, irrespective of how seemingly insignificant they might be, you are building trust in yourself and creating outcomes in your life.  The momentum built by simply being in a progressive motion gives you space to think more clearly and can allow more room for solutions to what you thought were impossible challenges. 

Final Tip

Start your day with 5 things that are completely within your control that empower you and enliven you.  It can be as simple as, your breath, making your bed, walking around the block, speaking kindly to yourself and eating a healthy breakfast.  The more that you are showing up for yourself, the more easily you will be able to show up for others and for the challenges that show up in your day.

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