R U OK? - On the flip side - How do you answer this question?

How often do you say that you're ok when that's not the truth?

How many of you who have experienced internal struggle don't actually have a response to that question- are you ok- that would give you the support that you actually need?

Do you actually know what support looks like for you?

It doesn't have to always be from other people. Support always begins with yourself and how you support yourself through struggle.

What are the signs and symptoms that you're not ok?

Are you OK day is a great reminder for this question.

The challenge is that most people who are struggling internally, are really good at putting on the mask of ‘handling it all’ and being ok. They are generally the ones who are looking after everyone else- they are often struggling in silence. 

It doesn't need to be like that.

How can you let go of the mask of not needing support?

We get busy getting busy. And instead of removing things, we often add things to our list.

Distraction is great for a time, until you truly hit that exhaustion point. For some people, it's adding on more courses, more knowledge, more stuff. For others, its adding more wellbeing things to your to-do list without really looking at what the issue underneath is.

Take a moment to drop everything that is external in your world and tune into your own breath.

Give yourself an opportunity today to sit in that question.

There is no one on this planet who doesn't have a day when they are not ok. 

However, there is a big difference between those who have the resources -both internal and external- to support them through those days, and those that don't.

So this is an important invitation to dive underneath and sit with your breath and recognise what those resources are for you.

If you don't have the ones that work well right now, what is your plan to create them?

No one else can do that for you. People can support you to find your own resources, but in the end it comes back to that question- what does support look like for me?  So that then when someone asks if you are ok, you can give them an honest answer, you can speak with clarity and give them real information on how they can support you on the days when you're not ok. 

Take some time to sit in the experience of how it feels to be supported in life, when life is happening TO you. 

Whether it is the internal dynamics of your system that are off balance and you just don't feel good that day, or whether there is an event or circumstance that is challenging you from the outside- in those moments of challenge, what supports you? What guides you back to being well? In those moments, what do you need from others? 

Perhaps it's space. Perhaps it's connection. Perhaps it's a listening ear without feedback. Or perhaps it's a listening ear with feedback. It might be redirecting your focus. Or it might be inviting yourself to experience life directly so that you can deal with it and allow the healing to move through you.

We all have different ways of coping and we all have different strategies for success. If we communicate them clearly to those around us, we can create incredible support systems that allow us to thrive. If we withdraw, withhold or suppress, we can find ourselves at some point in a  bigger struggle than we need to be in. 

What does that support system look like for you- internally and externally?

Come back to the simple fact that you're not flying off into space right now- gravity is always supporting you. Come back to the simple fact that your breath is an automatic response. Your breath is always supporting you. Just experience those true things, in any moment where it feels like a struggle, where you feel at over capacity, on overdrive or in overwhelm. 

We always have the capacity to experience support, we just need to slow down to find it. 

Find that practice that supports you. 

Find the people that surround you that can give you the support you need when you ask with clarity and transparency.

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