The Power of the P A U S E

For those who quickly jump into a YES I can do it before you realise the words have even slipped out of your mouth, this one is for you. 

One of the most powerful tools we have (and it costs nothing) is the power of our p a u s e  button. This is the ability to take a breath (or few) between receiving information and responding.

Whether you are in the midst of an argument and have some explosive ammunition about to be fired (only to be regretted later), jumping into an opportunity because someone has just NLP'd the shit out of you on a sales call or you are simply saying yes to an additional item to your to do list only to realise you are already over-scheduled and under resourced. 

The power of a P A U S E and reconnecting back to your bigger vision can save you much time, apology notes and wasted money.

So how does it work?

When anyone asks anything of you, irrespective of what it is, get into a practice to pause for a moment to check in with:


This is seemingly obvious but often overlooked.  How does this decision feel in your body?  Slow down enough to move beyond the impulsive drive to answer. Does it feel like a yes or a no?  Take some time to move the decision from the idea and really allow yourself to experience what YES would really mean and how it feels. 

Your Calendar

Do you realistically have the time to say yes and still have space to breathe for yourself?  Is this something that dove-tails with the rest of your schedule or is it going to create a dent in your day? You may be able to handle this in a one off circumstance however, saying yes to things that place a dent in your schedule consistently is a sure path to burn out and not being able to meet the commitments.

Your Vision

In your vision of how you wish your life to be, does this fit?  Does this move the needle closer or further away from the life you are creating for yourself? Often we say yes out of obligation or a need to fit into an old mould.  Creating from your future will result in a very different response to creating from your past. 😉


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