Valentines Day - Love is not limited to lovers.

There is something about a day of love that can leave some feeling even more lonely, couples breaking into a fight over nothing and the whole day set up with expectations that love is somewhere out there.

So where did it all go wrong?

Whether it is Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or a Birthday, disappointment and an illusion of lack can happen when we create an expectation of how a day should or shouldn't be based on how other people are around us.  The only way to return to a place of love irrespective of what is happening around you is to return the love back to you from the start. 

My intention today is to invite you back to experiencing love as your own choice. 

Give love back to yourself.

Check where and how you are returning love back to yourself.  This can look like being kinder to yourself, allowing your human space to feel, creating healthy boundaries in your relationships that honor and getting clarity on what love feels like in your world. 

Shift from expectation to an intention.

A lot of the time we set an expectation of how other people will treat us, be with us or who they are going to show up as in any given moment.  What happens if instead you set an intention of how you can be with someone irrespective of who they are in the moment?  Freeing yourself from overseeing someone else's behavior creates more space for love.  When you create clarity for how you would like to experience the day, you will notice that anything that doesn't match this will fall away. 

Co-creation is KEY 

If you are waiting for someone else to do everything for you, you may be waiting for a long time.  The most beautiful thing that you can do in a relationship is co-creating your experiences, what can you do together that reminds you of why you chose to be together in the first place?  If you are flying solo, what are the kinds of things that you would love to do with a partner, GO OUT AND DO THAT, the fastest way to find love is by being in love with what you are doing and you just never know who you might meet along the way.  Be open to new experiences and fall in love with your own life so much that it becomes an irrisistable invitation to the right connection.


Send love to many

A great way to experience the vastness of love is to simply send love to many. Can you send love to someone you have had an argument with? To someone who you haven't heard from in a long time? To an ex partner? To a friend who may be feeling lonely? 

When the intention is to send love rather than worrying about who is giving it to us, we can shift focus back to the experience of love and by doing so increase our own capacity to receive.

Wherever you are, whatever you may be going through right now, may this day bring you love as an experience of your own heart.