A Unique Process to Reset, Refocus and Realign

Personal Freedom emerges when we create space to honor our wisdom and have the resources to empower ourselves from a deeper place of integrity. 

Are you ready to create a powerful shift? 

Plan - Retreat - Live

Step 1. Plan for change Your time is sacred so make this one day worth it with the right preparation. Treat your retreat like a ceremony for your life. Clear your space, set an intention and prepare yourself for real change. Design a personal blue-print for your day and set up an environment to support and serve you best.

Receive the 7 keys to a successful retreat day.

Step 2. Retreat Yourself.  A whole day dedicated to you. Take a step back from your life and meet your future with courage compassion and clarity. A finite balance between transformative processes and deep relaxation. Guided meditation, sound and energy work with space to be in your own focus zone.

A future with clarity, purpose & confidence. 

Step 3. Live with Purpose.Life is where our personal vision is ignited, so to ensure that you have the support to turn your inspiration into action we've designed a specific integration day to harness the magic of the insights gained and ensure that you are able to move through your personal transition with ease and grace.

Integrate change with compassion, purpose and confidence,

Kelly Carthy

Curator & Founder

Let me introduce you to our facilitators.

Gabrielle Quakawoot

Maggie McGary

Krissi Fern


At The Wonderdome Sunshine Coast
A unique space to experience this live immersion in person.

- Personal Pre-Retreat Session
- World Class Facilitation
- Indigenous Wisdom
- Sound and Energy Work
- Local Organic Produce
- Personalised Attention
- ReAccess Online for 14 Days
- Access to ongoing support.

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ONLINEStream Access Anywhere

A unique process that allows you to feel like you are in the room from anywhere in the world as you create your own sacred space.

- Pre Event Zoom Activation Call
- Exclusive Access for 14 Days
- Post Retreat Support Call
- Meditation Downloads to use Offline
- Choose a time and date that suits you.
- Add a Friend for FREE

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Access From Anywhere

This is not simply a retreat live-streamed, this is a carefully designed process to balance connection to the LIVE EVENT with an opportunity to create your own sacred space for self enquiry.

Our ONLINE STREAMING attendees will be given defined activities that will allow you to unplug from technology and immerse yourself in your own sacred space with PRE and POST events set up with the purpose of optimising your personal retreat no matter where you are in the world.