A Unique Process to Reset, Refocus and Realign

When life gets too busy and everything feels compressed, this is the personalised approach you need to unschedule you just enough to get you back on track.

Are you ready to shift back to purpose? 




Bringing the magic of a retreat to your door.

Step 1. Book Your Place

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive an email pack with further instructions, links and support contacts.

You will also receive:

- Comprehensive Retreat Kit

- Access to

The Embodied Leader Online Community

Enjoy daily meditations from nature in the online community.

Step 2. Immerse Yourself 

We have simplified everything to make it as easy as possible to take a day out for you.

All you need to do is unschedule yourself from your day between 8am - 5pm.

You will be guided through an indoor/outdoor experience that is inline with current restrictions whilst creating space for freedom in mind, body and spirit.

Make this the one day that becomes your day one of a new life.

Shift from survive to thrive.

Step 3. Live with Purpose.

Life is where our personal vision is ignited.

A post retreat follow through call will allow you to optimize the retreat experience and ensure the benefit of your experience flows through in your life.

A plan with a purpose and a pace that is set for you with the support and guidance to back you up.

Live your life like it is a retreat.

Make this year the year that you redefine your life back to purpose.


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